Home Program

Who we are

ABC serves low income El Paso County residents with new home construction or in the adaptation, repair or remodeling of their existing homes. 

What we do? 

ABC works to support access to resources from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA). TDHCA is the State’s lead agency responsible for affordable housing. TDHCA also administers various community affairs programs and colonia activities. For more information go the TDHCA  http://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/

Who we serve

The targeted geographical area selected for the delivery of the housing program activities is El Paso County, Texas. However, the emphasis is on low income population located in Far East Side of El Paso (like Tornillo or San Elizario) as well as the Westside of El Paso including communities such as Vinton, Anthony as well as Westway.

Housing Programs Available

Contract for Deed Conversion Initiative

With this initiative, ABC works with low-income colonia families to provide housing construction or home rehabilitation. ABC can also provide assistance and resources to convert a contract for sale to a warranty deed.

Home Repair and Reconstruction

Homeowners may qualify for assistance with home repairs or reconstruction of their homes, either in the form of low-interest loans or grants. 

Home Repair and Reconstruction For People with Disabilities

Homeowners with disabilities may qualify for assistance with home repairs or reconstruction of their homes, either in the forms of grants or low interest loans. 

Single Family Home Development

Direct sale of single family homes to low income homeowners. To expand the supply of decent, safe, affordable housing for low income households.

General Requirements

The Home Program provides assistance for different income levels. Anyone looking for assistance should contact the program manager to determine the exact income requirements for the specific program. However, a general idea of income guidelines is below for a family of three in Texas, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

Examples of Income Levels (may vary depending on the number of persons residing in the home)

Extremely low-income        $16,050.00 and below        

Very low-income                $26,800.00       

Low-income                       $42,850.00       

Most Common Qualification Requirements – call you may still qualify.

Are you a US citizen or legal resident? Yes_____ 

Do you legally own your lot?  Yes_____ 

Do you have paper-work to prove you own your land? Yes____

Do you owe back taxes: No_____  

The following question is only for the Home Repair and Reconstruction For People with Disabilities Program

Do you have any long-term physical health conditions that qualify you for social security disability income? Yes____