Training to improve health literacy and capacity to use on line services to promote health

ABC with funding from the NIH/National Library of Medicine implements the HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Project (entitled PROMOVISION). ABC implemented the project to improve HIV/AIDS health information access for patients and the affected community as well as their caregivers and the general public. ABC Project involved the following information access categories: (1) Information retrieval; (2) Skills development; and (3) Resource Development. For the past three years ABC has been working to close the “digital divide” and HIV health literacy disparities that affects access and use of to health information. ABC has improved information acquisition skill of Navigators, CHWs, promotes and PLWHIV. ABC has increased access to related health information to HIV/AIDS patients, the affected community, their caregivers and the generalpublic, with special emphasis on navigators — as important “extenders” to traditional health care providers. Nearly 200 Navigators have been trained using training curricula available in both, English and Spanish These skills building workshops have been successful since 95.8% of participants stated they had acquired new skills, and 92.3% of participants stated they can use the newly acquired skills. Replication of lessons learned by the navigators resulted in the general public increasing health literacy and knowledge about HIV resources (reports to NIH/MLM 2011, 2012, 2013).