Comprehensive Training and Technical Assistance to Improve CBO capacity to implement evidence based prevention with HIV-negative individuals

ABC has developed training materials (harm reduction) or has worked with CBOs to adapt, implement, andevaluate evidence based interventions (like Popular Opinion Leader for Mexican Youth with high risk alcohol and drug use or the Holistic Approach to work with IDUs in a setting with limited mental health or addiction practitioners. ABC was hired by the National AIDS Council of Mexico to develop the informationcampaign to educate injection of drug user on topics such as; safe injection practices, harm reduction, TB, hepatitis C, safe injection sites and other topics and other risk-reduction services for HIV-positive individuals and their sexual or needle-sharing partners to reduce the likelihood of HIV transmission. The materials developed by ABC have been printed with Global AIDS Fund support and have been distributed to over 100 CBOs. (Fundacion Mexicana para la Salud 2013 and the National AIDS Council of Mexico 2012, 2011)